The Company Evrolux Sp. z o.o. has been present on the market since the second half of 2007.

It is our mission to ensure the highest quality of domestic and international transportation services adjusted to individual needs of our customers.

Since our foundation we have specialized in transportation of consignments from and to Azerbaijan and Georgia, including or excluding reloading services.

We provide multiplex services in the range of transportation and forwarding as well as reloading, storing and customs services.

We have at our disposal a logistic warehouse of 2000m2 area, necessary equipment for reloading and a paved place of 1ha area.

At our transportation site we have a facility authorized to open and close customs procedures ( TIR carnets) granted to us by customs services, a warehouse for temporary storage and a customs warehouse.

We offer the following:

  • international and domestic road transport
  • forwarding services
  • logistics of storage
  • customs services

Evrolux Sp z o.o.

21-504 Rokitno 55C

Tel. +48 (83) - 345 30 26

Fax. +48 (83) - 345 32 40